Selling Products Online

So many websites, what’s right for you and your products?

From Etsy to Cafe Press, there are dozens of sites to check out before opening your virtual storefront.

Here are some of the places I’ve found, use and avoid. I’ll let you know *my story* because it’s the only one I know. Check them out for yourself!


Who hasn’t heard of Etsy?

Personally, I love the people of Etsy. Their creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

You don’t have to have a physical product to sell on Etsy! You can sell digital products like ebooks, photos, graphics, and templates.

Visit my story, BarbedWirebyCGHM on Etsy to get a glimpse of what is possible on Esty.

Gift Center

On Zazzle you can upload your digital artwork to all kinds of print on demand, physical products. This is where you take one of your snappy sayings or a favorite line you’ve created in your epic novel, and put it on a t-shirt or mug and offer it up for sale to the world. Or not. You can just have one printed off and have your very own, one of a kind product. Store owners can create and sell their own products or curate collections for their visitors. Kind of like owning your own little boutique where you get to sell all the stuff you think is super cool.

Visit my Zazzle Store: BarbedWire by CGHM.  I’ve created some sassy sayings using GIMP and Inkscape, and have a few curated collections.