Digital Design

Using Free Image manipulation and drawing tools, GIMP and Inkscape. NOTE: This is a live document, meaning I’m not done adding tools! Things are changing all the time, as I find new information it will be added on these pages.

Some people just don’t want or need an annual subscription to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. I know I didn’t.

Instead, I found the open source raster image manipulation software, GIMP. It’s very similar to Adobe Photoshop (I hear, I’ve never used AP).

There is a learning curve! I was lucky enough to have a real life person who lived close by who was willing to sit in front of the computer with me and show me some of the basics.

I needed to learn how to vectorize an image. Adobe Illustrator is the subscription again. I found Inkscape, another open source program. Which means it’s FREE!

Finding good instructions to the programs can be tricky. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for good videos and tutorials to help me learn both programs inside and out.

Listed here are my top picks for best overall for value, what I learned, and technical, could I understand it, was the instructor clear and concise. Bottom line, if it’s listed here, I found it useful and think you will too if you’re new to GIMP and Inkscape.

GIMP Image Manipulation Program Download it here.

Go here for GIMPS list of Tutorials. The list below includes links to some of GIMPS instructions but also includes links to YouTube and Skillshare.


GIMP on You Tube.

Gimp introduction by DIY Design. Intro to the icons and menus and what they do.



Inkscape. Go here to Download.

Inkscape Basics by DIY Design. This is a great intro to the icons and menus, and what they do.